Over the past few days, Black voices that have been systemically diminished and repressed, have risen in the streets demanding to be heard. Bealart recognizes its place in that system and appreciates how our complacency and willingness to allow the status quo to persist, actively adds to the oppression of persons of colour. We are willing to listen. We want to learn. We will do better.


Welcome to the first Online Bealart Year End Show. Each year for the past century, Bealart has celebrated the close of the year with an exhibition of student work from that year. This year, with a pandemic and quarantine upon us, we are moving our exhibition online! This is our first attempt at an online Year End Show.

Each year, the staff collaborate with each other to choose a work from a student artist of that year to use as the poster for the following year’s show. This year’s poster was chosen from a series of works by Bethany DeBoer. We are proud of what Bethany has accomplished are are very happy with this year’s image. Thank you to Bethany for allowing us to use her work to promote our show!

What is Bealart?

Bealart is a Secondary School Visual Arts program. It had its beginning in 1912 as a vocational training school for visual artists. Over the years it has evolved into a place for young, emerging visual art talent from the Thames Valley District to hone their technical and conceptual skills, preparing them for entrance into Post-Secondary school.

We have specialized programming that starts in Grade 9 and continues through Grade 12. We offer a 2 year post-secondary program that allows graduates of Secondary Schools around Southwestern Ontario to take advantage of our unique facility without the burden of tuition.

The TVDSB, has invested a great deal in our program over the years and we are grateful to be the secondary school location that houses the widest range of Visual Art making technology in Canada. Our instructors offer expert training in areas such as Art welding, Lithography, Fibre & Textile arts – including weaving on the loom, Ceramics and much more! This specialized equipment rivals that of many Post-Secondary institutions and is unique in the TVDSB.

Thank you

Bealart, its staff and students, wish to thank our community partners who make our program possible and rich.

  • H.B. Beal Administrative Team
  • Thames Valley District School Board
  • Mercury Blueprinting
  • London Midtown District
  • The Forest City Gallery
  • Museum London
  • Satellite Gallery
  • Fanshawe College
  • Western University
  • NSCAD University
  • The London Arts Council
  • Our Award Donors
  • London Free Press

The year 2020

The 2019-2020 school year has been a unique one for students around the world. It has never been more apparent how connected we are as a species. In our tiny corner of the world, our students endured and flourished under very challenging conditions.

When we were told a few days into our second semester that we could not embark on our March Break trip to Europe, we were disappointed. Even then, I don’t think that we were ready for what turned into a global quarantine. Adapting an in-person, hands-on curriculum seemed nearly impossible the week after March Break. Instructors had no idea how students would react to a learning platform that was entirely dependent upon only the things their students had at hand in their residences. It was through this challenge that I witnessed some of the greatest creativity in both our students and our staff.

We are grateful and humbled to have been a part of what will be remembered as the year of the pandemic and #blacklivesmatter and we look forward to the 2020 – 2021 school year with great anticipation and excitement!

Have a great Summer!